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Organic Ear Cleaner
Ear cleanser for dogs
Grooming for dogs
Canine ear cleaner solution
Dog ear cleaner pets at home
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Organic Ear Cleaner 50ml

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Our puppers are delicate, and their ears even more so, which is why we're bringing you our Organic Ear Cleanser for dogs with the power of Colloidal Silver!

Our all natural Ear cleaner is made with certified organic ingredients, and is a boon for those itchy, inflamed, and allergies in dog's ears. It gently cleans and kills bacteria and yeast that irritate ears. What’s more? It's super gentle and can be used to soothe itchy paws too!



  • Certified organic ingredients
  • Anti- inflammatory
  • Reduces itchy, moist, smelly ears
  • Can be used on paws and other itchy areas too
  • Gently cleans and kills bacteria & yeast
  • Enriched with silver nano-particles


Step 1:  Add a couple of drops of the ear cleaner to a cotton swab.

Step 2: Gently clean the insides of the ear.

You can also drop a couple of drops into the ear and clean with a swab.

It is best used on a daily basis for recurring issues.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Priyanshi Shah

Simba is allergic to other ear cleaners available in the market but this works wonders for him

Lakshmi Narayan
Too good!

Worked like magic for Ova's ear infection.

Perfect cleaner

This came to me right on time and fixed one of my dogs ear infection. He had been struggling the last few months with constant crusting and itches, and just one use of this cleaned it up. I've used it once a week since, and have been using it on my healthier ones a well.