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Raw Sidr Honey

Raw Sidr Honey

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Pure Yemeni sidr honey is well-known in The Middle East as possibly the best medical honey in the world that is filled with many nutrients and antioxidants. This honey is almost as good as its better known counterpart Manuka Honey.

This rich unifloral natural honey has been known to help cure and treat many diseases, illnesses and conditions. In fact it is so good, it would be a crime to not try this wonderful natural healer and have it as an essential part of your diet and first aid kit!

The Sidr or Jujube tree plantation is found in Pali, Rajasthan where we personally source it from an Indian Beekeeper who is extremely passionate about bees and honey.

 Here is how our Side honey can benefit both Hoomans and Doggos:


1.Treats Skin Problems

Sidr honey has been used as a great cure for all kinds of skin problems, as it is a rich source of antioxidants, which makes the skin healthier when applied topically. Its antibiotic nature helps alleviate problems such as skin infections, sun damage, acne and signs of ageing. It is also wonderful at conditioning and hydrating dry skin and scalps.

2.Treats Infections

Sidr honey has anti-fungal properties when eaten or applied on the skin, which makes it a great ailment to help prevent the formation of infections on wounds and injuries. Its antibacterial properties are particularly good at fighting the bacteria that cause sinus infections and other yeast infections. Many people use it in diluted form (with water) as a spray if they do not like the sticky feeling of it on their skin.

3. Soothes Inflammation

The anti-inflammatorynature of sidr honey helps to soothe problems such as stomach ulcers and insect bites. One study shows that sidr honey consists of phytochemicals that have strong anti-inflammatory properties that are more superior to all other kinds of honey. 

4. Alleviates Digestive Problems

Sidr honey has probiotic properties and is great for gut health, keeping the digestive tract healthy and strong. This natural and delicious source of probiotics can be easily included in your daily diet and helps you to treat your upset intestines without depending on prescribed pills and pharmaceutical syrups, many of which have harmful side effects.  

Our honey is unifloral, which means it is honey sourced from a single plant source, and is chock a block filled with nutrients and properties of the plant source.

As always, our product is raw and natural with no mixing or nasties.