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Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil

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Sustainably sourced from the plantations of Kerala, Our Virgin Coconut Oil is pure, raw and cold-processed from fresh tender coconut milk. Its rich in medium chain triglycerides which help boost metabolism and provides an instant source of energy. It also has lauric acid in good quantity which helps fight bacteria, fungi and viruses and improves immunity. Leading to a longer and happier life. 

Being one of the richest sources of naturally occurring MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides * healthy fats), it gets digested easily to release instant energy and also helps in weight management. Virgin Coconut Oil is a rich source of naturally occurring Lauric acid C12 and Vitamin E which helps to improve body immunity along with many other health benefits. It is rightly termed as a Superfood with its multiple benefits.

Our virgin coconut oil can be added to meals and can be used on its own as a massage oil.

Following are its benefits:

Improves Digestion

Anti-viral +anti-bacterial

Aids immunity

Prevents infection

Healthy skin + Coat


Weight Maintenance

Eliminates Mites