The Happy Hamper

The Happy Hamper

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Your pupper deserves the best, which is why our Happy Hamper contains one each of our specials!

Each hamper contains:

1  Happy Hemp Bandana 

( You can select the print )

1 Hemp Seed Oil

The best thing for your pup as its great for skin, hair and bone health. It has the perfect omega 3 to 6 ratio and can be added to meals as well as used for massages.

1 Calming Mist

Made with certified organic ingredients that are sourced from the Himalayas, our calming mist is just what your pup needs this festive season. 

Just one spritz and your anxious pupper will turn calm and happy.

1 Herbal Rinse

Made with a blend of herbs sourced from sustainable farms, the herbal rinse is a product that is not available anywhere else on the planet! The herbs will condition, detangle and work on your pups skin and fur health.

What's more? You can definitely steal some too!

1 Paw Balm

Every puppy deserves a pawdicure, and a luxurious pawdicure is what they will get with our organic paw balm.

Free Seed Balls

Let the earth prosper with your purchase. These balls need to be placed on soil, with a little access to water and you'll see a tree sapling sprouting in no time!

Free Chocolates for the Hooman!

Humans deserve some loving too, which is why we will add a little something special for you. Our treat!