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Wild Harvested Nettle Leaves
nettle leaf supplement for dogs
dog leaf nettle
natural supplements for dogs
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Wild Harvested Nettle leaves

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If your dog is prone to seasonal allergies, look no further cause our Wild Harvested Nettle is here for you!

Nettle leaves are commonly used for seasonal, environmental and food allergies, and are meant to be added to your pets meals daily. It offers support during allergy season and offers year round nutrition. It's the go-to choice for dog food for skin issues!

It offers a wide range of nutritional vitamins and minerals. In 10 grams, you’ll find:

3.4 grams protein7

297mg calcium

68 mg phosphorus

3.22 mg iron

65 mg magnesium

2 mg beta-carotene

345 mg potassium

Vitamins A, C, D, and B-complex

These vitamins come in a form that is very palatable and easily absorbed into the body without creating any stress on the digestive system, kidneys, or liver.


  • Anti-allergic – reduces allergic symptoms via mast cell stabilization. It contains natural antihistamines help to reduce inflammation in your dog's respiratory system and the rest of the body. Not only will nettles help with reducing allergies, but due to their anti-inflammatory nature, they have can also help with the pain of arthritis.
  • Anti-rheumatic – an umbrella term for an herb that helps musculoskeletal conditions with undefined mechanism. 
  • Depurative – cleanses the blood, often helpful for skin and detoxifying.
  • Nutritive tonic - restores the body and adds nutrients.
  • Styptic – stops bleeding when applied to a wound.
  • Diuretic – increases flow of urine and kidney filtration.
  • Anti-inflammatory – reduces inflammation and can reduce pain.


Add 1/2 tsp for 10 kgs of weight.

You can either add the leaves to the meal and hydrate with warm broth/water, or make a tea with water and nettle and add this to meals.

This tea can be used as a rinse post shampoo to help with itching.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    Recently tried using Nettle leaf tea to give my dog a rinse for her skin. My dog suffers from severe atopic dermatitis and has been having severe inflammation for quite sometime. She also experiences severe itching with a foul odor from the skin which is consistently red.

    JUST ONE RINSE OF NETTLE LEAF TEA has worked miraculously to calm her skin, the redness has gone, there is no odor and the itching has stopped completely. This product is pure magic. It has put Candy at so much ease. She sleeps peacefully. Highly recommend it for dogs suffering from skins issues.

    Prerna Sud
    Really helps!

    My 10 y.o Shihtzu is prone tocongestive allergies. Half a teaspoon on alternate days helps control it..