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We at Happy Puppy believe that you and your pet are at your healthiest when you're holistically happy!

Now what does holistically happy mean? For us it means being at your best mentally, emotionally and physically.

After putting in years of research and studying skin care, herbalism, communication and nutritition - I realised it takes more than just treating symptoms to heal.

When you see random skin inflammations, hair loss etc. in your pets (even with yourself) it is the body getting rid of toxicity - a symptom that shows that the body is healing or needs help to heal. And healing has layers - sometimes it could be emotional, mental or physical or sometimes it could be just one of the three.

In order for our Happy Family to be Holistically Happy - We've tied up with the best pet wellness healers.
From Canine Nutritionists to Behaviorists and Canine Telepathic Communicators, who you can book consultations with in order to take that extra step towards all round healing❤️

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